Facial Care Bundle (Pack of 5)

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Soft Touch Facial Care Bundle highlights a couple of best-selling Golden Girl skincare products. The cleansers, scrubs, lotions and facewashes in the facial care bundle are enriched with entirely natural ingredients of tea tree oil, Aloe vera, vitamin C, lemon and extracted from fruits having excellent healthy properties: red berries, peach strawberry, kiwi and camomile. A facial care bundle is a perfect blend of skincare essentials which includes:

  • Facial Scrub 
  • Acne Cleansing Milk 
  • After Wax Lotion 
  • Revitalizing Face Wash - Lemon & Vitamin C 
  • Face Wash with Red Berries 


Cleanses skin impurities 

Renew skin cells

Prevents further acne problems

Nourishes and refreshes the skin

Prevents itching, redness and rashes after waxing.


Use facewashes twice a day for a refreshing feeling all day long. Cleansers and scrubs provide ideal results if used as a daily skincare routine and during beauty treatments. Apply after wax lotion after waxing and paraffin treatments. 

Instruction: Use acne cleansing milk if you have acne skin problems.

Skin Type: Normal, combination, dull & acne skin

Product Weight: 120ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Loose bundle - 5 Soft Tubes