Soft Touch Baby Rash Off Powder

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Soft Touch Baby Rash Off Powder is a soft, fine powder formulated with the finest talc to help soothe, treat and prevent prickly heat, chafed skin, heat rashes, excess perspiration and sweaty feet. It is a three-way action that soothes, absorbs and repels wetness, prevents rashes, skin irritation, chafing and reduces friction on the skin. 

Baby heat rash powder in Pakistan is ideal for infants, toddlers and kids and is the best solution to prevent heat rashes and chafing in the summers of Asia. 

3-way Action:

Soothing: Soothes a natural remedy - Absorbs irritation.

Protection: Adheres to the skin, and acts as a mechanical barrier to irritants and reduces redness. 

Prevent: Absorbs excess perspiration and the zinc oxide provides the protective barrier, helps prevent rashes.

Product Weight: 120 ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Bottle