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Golden Girl Whitening Facial has been developed for Asian skin keeping in view the level of dirt and pollution. Soft Touch whitening facial formulated with tea tree oil, lemon, cucumber and mint cleanses the skin, removes dirt, impurities and dead skin cells to keep the skin fair and healthy. Soft Touch Whitening Facial Bundle includes seven items.
  • Cucumber and Mint Cleansing Milk
  • Skin Shiner
  • Soothing Lotion
  • Whitening Powder
  • Whitening Booster
  • Multi-Action Cleanser
  • Mineral Mask
Golden Girl Whitening Facial is a three-step procedure.
Cleaning and preparation of the skin for whitening treatment:
The skin has to be effectively and thoroughly cleaned to remove traces of dirt and makeup. Golden Girl Whitening Cucumber and Mint Cleansing Milk is applied with cotton wool on the face and gently cleansed the skin. Now the ingrained dirt and dead skin layer have to be removed. Moisten face and massage with Golden Girl Whitening Multi-Action Cleanser for five minutes. Wipe off with a facial sponge. Now the skin is ready for the whitening treatment.
Whitening Treatment
Prepare the mixture of whitening powder, whitening booster, soothing lotion and skin shiner. Apply the mixture with a facial brush upward from the neck on to the face and let it remain for 15 - 20 minutes. Keep the excess paste for use later on. Remove the paste after 20 minutes with the help of a facial sponge. Reapply the leftover paste and let it remain on the face for 5- 10 minutes. Remove the paste with the help of a sponge.
Post Treatment:
A thick layer of Golden Girl Mineral Mask is applied with fingertips for 20 minutes and then sponged off. Preferably apply skin tonic and conclude with Vitamin E Cream.

Instruction: Apply at least once a month to make the skin glowing and healthy.

    Skin type: All skin types

    Product Weight: 7 items

    Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place

    Package: Loose pack


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