Facial Kits

Soft Touch Golden Girl Whitening Facial has been developed for Asian skin keeping in view the level of dirt and pollution. Golden Girl whitening facial, enriched with tea tree oil, lemon, cucumber,, and mint removes impurities, dead skin cells, and whitens the skin. Use at least once a month to make the skin clean, glowing, and healthy.

Soft Touch Golden Girl Lift N Glow Facial is a cleansing, balancing, nourishing and refreshing treatment especially developed for mature and dull skin. Soft Touch Lift & Glow facial is enriched with lemon and tea tree oil and ideal for normal, dull, and aging skin. It gives an instant lift and youthful glow to the skin. Treat your skin to Soft Touch Lift & Glow facial at least once a month to keep the complexion fresh, young, and glowing.

Soft Touch Golden Girl Acne Clear Facial Kit is formulated with tea tree oil and new triclosan, the ultimate solution for Acne treatment. It is dermatologist tested, clears acne by releasing dirt from clogged pores, minimizes blackheads, whiteheads while triclosan prevents further acne inflammation, and soothes irritated skin.

Face Polishing is a kind of exfoliation where scrubbing and massaging are used to moisturize the skin and to remove the dead skin cells. Face polisher helps eradicate dryness from the skin, cleanses oil, dirt, and impurities soothe irritation and brighten the skin through mild bleaching and skin shiners followed by vitamin E cream and mud masks healthy skin glow.