Baby Zinc & Castor Oil 120ml

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Are you worried about your baby’s pain? Are you sorting out the reason for their pain? The reason is that in the diaper area, chafing and dampness make a double assault on your baby's tender skin. The baby may be drier but wetness still touches the baby's skin before the diaper absorbs it, and wetness can leave irritants behind that can cause diaper rash. 

Soft Touch Baby Zinc & Castor Oil Lotion contains safe emollients that help protect the baby's innocent, bare skin to prevent diaper rash. It contains Zinc Oxide and natural castor oil that gently soothe painful irritation, goes on easy, cleanses up fast and smells fresh.

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How to Use:

Apply it to the baby's diaper area and gently massage.

Product Weight: 120 ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Bottle