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Multi - Blond Powder for Streaking 500gm

Multi - Blond Powder for Streaking 500gm

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Soft Touch Multi-Blond Powder is extra fast lightening to achieve highlights and special effects in no time. It gives balanced lightening with predictable & quick results. It gives you complete creative control over the lightening process. Blond is a timeless trend, something that can be effortlessly achieved with Multi-Blond easy-to-handle formula. The creamy consistency allows for an easy bowl and brush application and the resulting mixture saturates the hair to ensure no strands are left untreated. The extra-strength powder lightener provides balanced lightening for hair highlights with results that are quick and easy. This product is dust free to minimize powder fly-away letting you create a full range of subtle-to-dramatic off the scalp-lightening service. Its revitalizing elements leave hair hydrated and give it new life. You can lift, tone, and get rid of undesirable shades. Multi-Blond Powder is great for all off-scalp applications such as foiling and balayage. Let your best blond come to light and enjoy gorgeous, toned highlights. Effortlessly create your new look. Our moisturizing formula gives you healthy-looking highlights customized for you.


Recommended Mixing ratio= 1:2. Mix 1part Multi-Blond Powder Lightener with 2 parts Developer 40 Vol. in a non metallic bowl. Stir into a rich creamy consistency and apply on hair. Important: Never shampoo before lightening. Perform strand test before complete application. Do not use heat source. Check development regularly until you achieve desired level of decolonization.


Always use a non-metallic bowl to mix. 

In case the powder comes in contact with eyes, wash immediately.

Hair type: All hair types

Product Weight: 500ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Jar


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