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NoMor grey hair color gives the perfect grey coverage from root to tip, even the most resistant grey hair is dyed perfectly and durably. The unique synthetic (non-metallic) creamy formula, with a conditioner enriched with three nutritive ingredients-Olive oil, Vitamin E and ACP-Complex- smooths and deeply nourishes the hair. Extra rich, nourished and long-lasting hair color makes the color more brilliant, intense, stronger and healthier. NoMor grey hair color is available in 18 distinct shades. Golden Girl NoMor Hair Color Bundle items include:

  • Hair Color Cream and developer 
  • Hina Hair Grooming Mask sachet 
  • After Color Shampoo 
  • Hair color brush 
  • Mixing bowl and Gloves


Permanent hair color with Molecules-Advanced Color Protection (ACP) formula that works in just 30 minutes. 

Hair color lasts till 28 washes.

Gently blends away grey color and best hair revitalizer.

How to Use:

Mix the color cream and developer in the mixing bowl and apply to the hair with the hair color brush, leave it for 20 - 30 mins.  

Thoroughly wash your hair with after color shampoo and apply hina hair grooming mask on your hair. 

Gently wash your hair after the mask has dried. 

Hair type: All hair types

Product Weight: 60 ml, 60 ml, 10ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place

Package: Loose pack

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