Facial Scrub 250ml

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Moisturizing Facial Scrub by Soft Touch Golden Girl, natural extracts of Peach, Strawberry, and Kiwi have been combined to create a perfect delicate moisturizing blend. Moisturizing facial scrub gently clears away dull, dry skin cells with a unique fruity fresh moisturizing formula to provide you a fresh smooth looking complexion.


  • Polishes exfoliate and softens

  • Resurfaces texture

  • Hydrated skin

  • Remove excess sebum on the skin

  • Lightening blemishes and acne scars

  • Protects the skin from ultraviolet rays

  • Cleanses dirt and impurities 

  • Skin cells formation


Apply a liberal amount of moisturizing facial scrub on your moist face and neck. Gently massage in a circular motion avoiding eye areas. Rinse well with lukewarm water. For best results use it twice a week and in facial care treatments.

Beauty Tip:

Lock in moisture with a good moisturizing lotion at bedtime. Skin will become much brighter and significantly smoother.

Skin Type: Dull, Dry, Anti-aging, combination skin

Product Weight: 250ml
Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.
Package: Soft Tube