Oxidizing Emulsion 20 Vol 500ml

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Soft Touch Oxidizing Emulsion is a new generation peroxide developer. It contains keratin conditioners and oily components to make up for the loss during treatment of hair, and restores a natural look. Its ingredients add silkiness and shine to the hair.

Oxidizing emulsion volume 20 is used both for face and hairs for hair dye, bleaching and face polishing.

How to use?

  1. Measure the required quantity of oxidizing emulsion.
  2. Mix the chosen coloring, tinting or bleaching product thoroughly with the oxidizing emulsion as indicated in the instructions for use.

For bleaching:

Mix 3 parts oxidizing emulsion vol 20 with one part of bleach powder (mild)

For hair dye:

Mix one part oxidizing emulsion vol 20 with one part of hair dye for the same or darker tone.

For face polishing:

Mix as per instructions on golden girl exclusive skin polishing procedure.


It contains hydrogen peroxide. Avoid contact of the substance with eyes. In case the product comes in contact with eyes wash immediately.

Product Weight: 500 ml

Package: Bottle

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.