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Summer Hair Growth Bundle

Summer Hair Growth Bundle

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Summer Hair Growth Bundle Contains 3 steps :

Melon shampoo 200 ml 

Hina hair grooming mask 75 gm 

Hair conditioner concentrate 500 ml

Hair Care products are those that help to control the properties and behavior of the hair so that it can be maintained in a controlled and desirable manner. This can include hair conditioners, hair sprays, shampoos, and hair masks .

Soft Touch Melon Shampoo is specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair which is a common problem for everyone. Melon is known as nature's richest source of moisture and has a delicate fragrance. It hydrates and nourishes from within and leaves your hair manageable and healthy. The hair feels luxuriously soft and silky, with radiant shine.

Hina Hair Grooming Mask  with natural corn extracts, eliminates dryness completely. Its specially formulated active protein is absorbed right into the hair to repair, revitalize and protect the hair damaged by external aggression. Polymer nourishing substances smooth the hair surface effectively, without making it greasy. High-grade Panthenol moisturizes and softens the hair to restores its vitality.

Golden Girl Soft Touch hair conditioning concentrate is the best conditioner for hair in Pakistan as it prevents hair fractures and split ends. Chemical hair treatment such as dyeing, bleach and perming result in loss of mechanical strength of the hair which is ultimately associated with increased hair fracture and split ends. Soft Touch hair conditioning concentrate is a no-wash, leave on hair conditioning & setting system which is specially designed for damaged hair. It contains a natural keratin conditioner that gives body to the hair while keeping them smooth, silky and manageable. Its synergistic re-fattening agents leave the hair supple, lustrous and ready to style without making it heavy.


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Haseeba Bukhari

Summer Hair Growth Bundle