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Golden Girl Cosmetics

Whitening Bleach Creme 3 Kg

Whitening Bleach Creme 3 Kg

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Golden Girl Whitening Cream Bleach is the ultimate beauty product to have brighter and vibrant skin in just a few minutes. The amazing bleach formula of this exclusive whitening product by Golden Girl helps you get rid of unwanted hair and provides your skin with a spotless and fairer texture. The Golden Girl Cream Bleach comes with a tested and certified natural formula that regulates the negative process to revitalize the skin for a smoother feel and fairer complexion. It defends the skin against aging by removing age spots, moles, freckles and sunspots.
Golden Girl Cream Bleach is an exceptional product that contains an innovative Acti-White complex to lighten up your skin and make you look more confident and attractive. It removes dark spots by decreasing the tyrosinase activity and stopping the melanin from maturation. Looking younger, more beautiful and attractive is now possible with the regular use of Golden Girl Cream Bleach.


For body bleaching, mix one-part accelerator to four parts of creme. In the interest of economy, mix enough for one arm, remove a bleach mixture with a spatula and place it on the other arm.  


Apply soothing lotion or soothing cream and skin shiner after bleaching for better results.


For sensitive skin, remove the mixture with a spatula and wash with cold water. Add more creme to the mixture and reapply to the hair.

Never apply bleach after a hot bath.

Skin type: All skin types

Product Weight: 3 Kg

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Bucket


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