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Golden Girl @ Wedding Bells

Asian wedding bells are in full swing. The season of dreams, desire, eagerness and pleasure with friends, family, cousins and closed ones as a new era of life is going to start just within the weeks. A much awaited season for the bride, groom and their clan. Skin care, hair care, nail care, facial care and beauty treatments among brides, grooms and their clan are usually common during wedding occasions. 

It's the time to reveal the beauty, smartness and confidence on the biggest magnificent day. Are the brides ready to exhibit their beauty and fascination on bridal showers, pre wedding celebrations and on the much awaited day, the day that will be the only and only of your’s. 

Do you want your hair to look elegant with superb hair styling, a sensational face look with perfect bridal makeup, adorable hands while having the wedding ring and bangles and feet to look gorgeous in your new heels on your special wedding day? Then, indulge yourself in skin care, facial treatments and beauty tips, the month ahead of the wedding, to make you feel marvellous and fabulous on the special day as pre wedding skincare routine and beauty care tips boost the bride’s astonishing beauty on the biggest wedding day.  

Give a silky-soft skin feeling all over by following the skin care essential treatments at home, and by booking a beauty spa and facial treatments in the beauty salon for pre wedding services, to glow like the Golden Girl on your exclusive day. 

Soft Touch beauty and skin care treatments, the best skincare brand, ideal for all skin types that nourishes, refreshes, moisturizes and reinvigorates the skin. Get ready to cheer up beauty conscious brides with Soft Touch facial treatments, beauty and skincare tips that inspire others as an Asian Bridal look.

First of all, get your skin deeply nourished with ubtan night cream regularly at home, a month ahead of the wedding for a bright warm and natural glow. Ubtan ritual at the mayo or mehndi is also an enjoyable and inherited tradition at Asian weddings. 

Do not forget to use herbal lubi rose water regularly, a natural skin moisturizer as it  hydrates and nourishes the skin, a great herbal liquid for dark circles remover, fatigue and tanned skin to make the bride’s look flawless. Ubtan, turmeric and rose water are few home remedies for glowing skin chosen by Asian brides.

Are you one of those brides scared of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads on forthcoming wedding? Stay calm and confront back to your pimples and acne scars with an Acne treatment facial, enriched with natural tea tree oil unclogged the pores, cleanses the skin, prevents blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Soft Touch Acne clear facial is the best acne treatment vulnerable to acne prone skin.  

Lift n glow facial should be the weekly skincare routine for the brides for refreshing and nourishing treatment, enriched with lemon and tea tree oil. This facial cleanses dirt and impurities, removes dead skin cells, boosts the blood circulation leaving the skin conditioned, glowing and sparkling. 

Soft Touch face polishing, the most favorable treatment among the brides, the herbal ingredients and bleach used in face and skin polish treatment provides prompt results in skin whitening and glowing skin.

Soft Touch whitening facial is an ideal treatment for Asian brides, enriched with cucumber, mint herbs, tea tree oil and lemon. It reinvigorates the skin with vitality, deeply nourishes, cleanse impurities, removes dead skin cells, moisturizes the skin and the booster in the treatment results in a fair, clean and healthy charming look. 

Manicure Pedicure spa is the most demanding treatment for hand and foot whitening during wedding occasions. Soft Touch Mani Pedi enriched with vegetable herbs, red berries, peppermint and whitening bleach provides instant results in skin glow. Massage during pedicure manicure soothes the muscles, increases blood circulation and relieves stress during hectic pre wedding preparations. Mani Pedi spa is fruitful for hand, nail and foot care that results in skin softness and skin glowing.  

Soft Touch BB cream, a light and the best foundation to be used at pre wedding gatherings and post wedding parties that will give a charming look and natural beauty to the newly wed bride.

Having an adorable and stunning look is the dream of every bride, so what are you waiting for? Discover your facial beauty with Soft Touch facial kits, rated as the best and renowned facial kits and make your beauty treatments worth money.

Give a bold and astonishing look with the best facials on your wedding day and feel radiant, confident and stunning as you walk up the aisle on your biggest and remarkable day, that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Be An Asian Bride And Sparkle Like The Golden Girl!


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