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Soft Touch Infants Grooming.

“It's a smile of a baby that makes life worth living”

Nothing in this world is more pleasing and fortunate than to become a mother. Motherhood is the precious gift of God and not everyone is blessed with such a fortunate gift. Nothing makes woman more contentment than to carry the little angel into her hands. Since then, they have a natural bonding and a strong child-mother relation develops from its roots.

Newborn baby is a key attention in one’s family whether it’s about aunts, uncle or grandparents. Everyone is there to shower their love towards baby. Baby’s smile brings contentment to mother and baby's suffering make her distress. Mothers are always concerned regarding their child’s health and hygiene, especially in the early year’s childhood.

Keep calm, let the germs buried as Golden girl Cosmetics is here to bloom these little flowers. Mothers must try the Soft Touch hygienic kit for their infants and toddlers as it contains a variety of lotions, powders and bath items. Groom your child with the Soft Touch Baby Kit and prove yourself as a super mommy.

“A baby is an angel that you always handle with care”

Skincare is an important and essential factor in maintaining infants and toddlers hygiene. A baby’s skin is thinner, softer and sensitive than the adult’s skin. It can become dry due to external factors. Soft Touch Baby Lotion is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin. It is a moisturizer and a cleanser that prevents dryness whatever the season will be. Clinically proven to be gentle and mild-hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, results in skin softness and smoothness.

Baby’s skin can also be easily irritated by the effect of rubbing and chafing. Soft Touch Baby Powder made from the finest talc can be used anytime to avoid itches, rashes and redness especially during summers, that give babies a fresh and pleasant feeling.

Rashes among infants is the major and common problem faced by every mother. Skin rashes can discomfort baby that results in irritated moods. Soft Touch Baby Rash-Off Powder prevent rashes, sweat, skin irritation and chafing of toddlers and soothes them. Soft Touch Baby Zinc & Castor Oil Lotion help prevent diaper rashes on tender skin and is effective during diaper change. It contains zinc oxide and natural castor oil that gently soothe painful irritation.

Body and hair massage with Soft Touch Baby Oil is important and essential for infants skin to prevent dryness and leaves skin soft, smoother, itching free, healthier, and to minimize colic among babies.

A daily baby bath is a key solution to eliminate the germs promptly. Soft Touch Baby Bath gel, extracted from Lavender and Chamomile is ideal for bath shower. Soft Touch Baby Shampoo is suitable for babies scalp as it is non-irritant and harmless for the eyes and skin. Soft Touch Baby Soap and Baby Hand Wash adds value to their bath and is the best solution to eliminate germs, infections and viruses. Make sure baby's bath time remains shorter and done with mild warm water.

Babies are the little angel in one’s family and little angel always inspire others on special occasions. So mothers must try Soft Touch Baby Eau De Cologne for their babies, a mild scent while going out to the parties, gatherings or picnics.

“A happy baby has shiny eyes.”

Let’s bring toddlers happiness by exhibiting Golden Girl Soft Touch branded products in daily routine so that your baby enjoys a healthy life that radiates happiness.

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